Monthly Archives: April 2007

It’s official!

Yes, it’s official – we are now registered as immigrants, officially allowed to live in Dublin. On Thursday afternoon we went into the Gardai National Immigration Bureau to register ourselves. We waited for about 20 minutes in line just for our ticket to get into the actual cue to register. After about two hours waiting […]


I’m pleased to annouce that we’ve arrived safely in Dublin after 3 weeks of travel and are being very well looked after by Google. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and were picked up at the airport and driven to the apartment that Google is putting us up in for the next month. Along the way […]

London – part 2

All of the monopoly game place names come from London and every time we walk past another one here I get a small buzz. Silly? Perhaps – but still kinda fun 😛 Yesterday we went shopping along Oxford St, Bond St and Regent, we walked along Pall Mall and had lunch in Trafalgar Square before […]


Why does everyone complain about London so much? We’ve had a great time here over the last three days and we’re looking forward to finishing off our holiday tomorrow before leaving for Dublin on Sunday. The highlight of London for me was definitely going to see to The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majestys […]

Blue Bells in London

While in London we are staying at Blue Bells Hotel in Notting Hill. (Yes, Notting Hill like the movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant). The Hotel is nestled in a row of gorgeous classic old white stone buildings. Notting Hill seems to be an area equivalent to Remuera or Ponsonby in Auckland. Trendy boutiques […]


Really nothing to write home about. Neither Kat or I found any aspect of the city that appealed to us, or would entice us to want to go back there. I think it suffers from over promising and under delivering, especially having just come from Singapore, which is definitely an example of a beautiful city. […]


We were in Singapore from April 13th – 15th and had a chance to look around the city, do some shopping and catch up with some cousins of mine who live there. Here are the highlights of what we did during our stay: Singapore by night: On our first night in Singapore we had dinner […]

Malaysia Week 2

Saturday the 7th found us again at Miri airport (5th day in a row of flying in/out of there for Kat and I!). This time bound for Sibu in central Sarawak as the transit point for our stay in Sarikei. Sarikei is where Kat’s father, Alfred, grew up and many of the Yii family still […]

Kota Kinabalu

The day after returning from the Mulu Caves (Thu 5th), we found ourselves at Miri airport again, this time bound for the tourist mecca of Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu, named after the famous Mt. Kinabalu (the highest peak in Southeast Asia), is north of Miri, in the state of Sabah. Kat’s Uncle Louis and Alfred […]

The food in Malaysia

One of the things I enjoy when coming back to Malaysia is the food. There are lots of things that I only eat on a trip back to Malaysia and many that you just don’t get in New Zealand or most other places in the world. I enjoy things like tropical fruit, satay, red bean […]