Monthly Archives: May 2007

Our new home

On Friday we paid the bond on the apartment that we’re renting for the next year. It’s right in the city centre in an area called the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), where all the banks and finance companies have their headquarters. We’ve yet to actually pay the first months rent thanks to the slowness […]

Always take an umbrella

One thing I have learned about Dublin is that you must always take an umbrella when you leave the house. Even if it is warm. Even if it is sunny outside. Even if you’re only going out for 20 minutes. ALWAYS take an umbrella. I can’t actually complain about the weather too much because these […]

Job hunt successful!

Exciting news from me: on Tuesday this week I formally accepted a job offer with a small Irish IT company based in West Dublin. I’ll be the official Web Designer; working on web, graphic, and application design. The Web Designer job is going to be a great fit with what I do well and what […]

First week at work

So far, so good. I survived my first week of work at Google without my head exploding due to the amount of new information that I had to take in! The first two days were formal training on Google’s culture, policies, procedures and other important information like how to get an Irish bank account and […]