Monthly Archives: July 2007

Sam and Zoe’s wedding

On Sunday I found myself basking in a sunny afternoon, watching a game of croquet being played on the lawn by men in top hats and tails. As you might guess, we were not in Dublin anymore. We were in Cambridge, England for the wedding of Sam and Zoe Jansen (Sam is a friend of […]

Back Home

I arrived home safely from New York on Friday morning, my flight was slightly delayed due to a traffic jam on the runway at Newark Airport but the pilot seemed to make up the delay fairly quickly once we were in the air. I flew back to Dublin on Continental which was far ahead of […]

First Impressions of New York

I’ve been in New York just over 24hrs now. First impressions are favourable. I’m here for a training course which is being held in the Empire State Building. We’re only on the 7th floor unfortunately, so no free views for me. The building has far far far too many lifts, it took just over 10 […]

Visiting the Big Apple

I don’t have anything interesting to say about life in Dublin at the moment. Life is plodding along, work is good, our apartment is proving adequate and survived the first round of visitors with only one casualty (the toilet cistern!), although we won’t blame that on them, seeing as the other toilet cistern broke identically […]

The highs and lows of life in Dublin

Thought I would blog a few of the things I like and dislike about our new home city. I like: Taking the train south to the beach on the weekends. Ireland is small – about 1/3 the size of NZ which means its also only a short drive or train trip to go basically anywhere […]