Monthly Archives: November 2007


Photos I had a great long weekend in Whistler catching up with Christopher (or Brownie as he’s now called, I was reprimanded several times for using his full name!), meeting his friends and remembering how to snowboard. My flights from Dublin to San Francisco and then on to Vancouver were uneventful, and the Delta airport […]

Travelling again

As Kat alluded to at the end of a recent post I’m travelling again to visit “head office” in Mountain View for two weeks. This coming weekend is American Thanksgiving and due to various flight timing quirks the best option for me to be in San Fransisco by Monday morning (ready to work and not […]

New Photo Gallery

Sorry to keep you all waiting for the photos of our trip to Paris last weekend. I’ve been busy putting the final touches on a new bit of software that I’ve written to nicely display all our photos on this website. You can find the result via the “Our Photos” link above. The new gallery […]

Four days in Paris – part 2

Phew! It’s the weekend at last. After getting back from Paris at midnight on Tuesday we were straight back into work on Wednesday and playing catch-up for the time we were away. Now that it’s Saturday – the chores all done and cosy inside looking out at the drizzly grey Dublin day – I have […]

4 days in Paris – part 1

We’ve just returned from our 4 day holiday in Paris. Our trip was wonderful – it’s only a shame we couldn’t stay longer! We managed to miss the French transport strikes which started just after we left. Paris is both beautiful and romantic – a perfect place to visit on our anniversary. I found Paris […]

Arriver à Paris

Nous allons à Paris pour un long week-end. Il devrait être amusant! Nous allons prendre beaucoup de photos pour vous montrer une fois que nous y revenir. Goodbye