Monthly Archives: September 2008

A week in Malta

After a week in sunny Malta we are both sporting a healthy glow – a slight improvement on the pale and pasty complexion we have been developing throughout the “Irish summer”. It was refreshing to take a week off and I feel quite rejuvenated after soaking in the sun for a week. It was also […]

Panic!… crisis averted

Phew, we had an eleventh hour crisis tonight as we began packing for Malta. With the suitcases nearly full and all in order I went to get our passports from the file in our drawer. One passport was found – mine, one passport was missing – Matt’s. We searched the drawer, we searched Matt’s desk, […]

New Gadgets

This post originally appeared on Matt’s Musings (Matt’s computer focussed blog). It’s been a while since I last acquired new gadgets but I think I’ve made up for lost time with my last weeks purchases. You may remember that I’ve had my eye on the Openmoko phones since early 2007, but in between shifting across […]