Monthly Archives: February 2011

Micah – nearly 4 days old

Our little man is nearly 4 days old and is doing wonderfully for someone born at just under 30 weeks gestation. He’d already completely won our hearts before we’d even seen him, but he made absolutely sure of it yesterday when he opened his eyes for us for the first time, simply amazing! Kat is […]

And Then There Were Three!

Things moved very fast today to bring Micah George Brown into the world at 3:28pm Sat 19 Feb 2011, weighing 1.5kg. Kat started having some minor contractions overnight, which progressively got stronger and stronger. By the time I got to the hospital about 11am they were coming every 10 minutes and were clearly not at […]

Home again

There is nothing like coming home when you’ve been away for ages. I’m now 28 weeks pregnant, two weeks since pPROM and I was released from the hospital yesterday woop! I’m still taking things very easy, monitoring for any changes and visiting the day clinic twice a week so they can keep track of things… […]

pPROM update

This is just a short update to say that there is nothing new to say! This in itself is excellent news 🙂 I’m still on hospital bed rest at Holles St National Maternity Hospital where I have very little to complain about. I’m in a 4 bed room here which is good and I’m all […]