The food in Malaysia

One of the things I enjoy when coming back to Malaysia is the food. There are lots of things that I only eat on a trip back to Malaysia and many that you just don’t get in New Zealand or most other places in the world. I enjoy things like tropical fruit, satay, red bean desserts, little layer cakes and bbq pork buns… mmmm yum.

There are more tropical fruits here in Malaysia than I can count. Some are fairly well known like pineapple or papaya but others are completely foreign to the average Kiwi. Dragon fruit, lycees, jack fruit, innumerable other wild fruits straight from the forest. I love them all except for the Durian which smells of rotten eggs and tastes just as bad (in my opinion).

One thing that has been particularly fun on this trip to Malaysia is introducing all the weird and wonderful foods to Matt. I can happily report to all those in doubt that Matt has been willing to try almost anything he is offered here. Matt has put on a brave face for many meals of beancurd, seaweed, mushroom and fungus while we’ve been here and has become quite good with a pair of chopsticks!

Comment from Mum - Wendy on 2007-04-10

Loved the entry on food as I had been wondering how Matt was coping with the vast array of different fare. Well done Matt. The only two foods I totally refused were the Durian that Kat dosn’t like either and the sea slug they sometimes put in soups. It looks like a big fat jellyish worm Yuk!.

Comment from Delz on 2007-04-11

Matt – I am impressed you have been extending your limited palate.

Keep the blogs coming – it is great lunch break reading!!!