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Home again

There is nothing like coming home when you’ve been away for ages. I’m now 28 weeks pregnant, two weeks since pPROM and I was released from the hospital yesterday woop! I’m still taking things very easy, monitoring for any changes and visiting the day clinic twice a week so they can keep track of things… […]

Om nom nom

For a while now I’ve been playing with the idea of storing my recipes online. I like the idea of having all my recipes at my fingertips wherever I am, easy to search through and safely recorded. Of course for me, living away from NZ, it’s also a handy way to have my favourite recipes […]

Casa Brown

We’ve found a new apartment and we’re loving it. Before we went to Mountain View in April we moved out of our apartment in the city where we’ve been for the last 2 years. The city had been feeling very busy, bleak and unappealing to us so we decided it was time for a move. […]

What we’ve been up to

Almost two months since our last update, we’re getting lazy! In our defense it has been a busy few months. After getting back from a long weekend in the UK and spending a week recovering from the flu (normal not Swine) I was off to San Francisco for the last 2 weeks of August. This […]

All’s quiet on the home front

Things are rather quiet here in Dublin at the moment. I made banana cake on the weekend, a maintenance guy came to repaint the bathroom ceiling today, I had a bagel for lunch… not too much to report really. Of course it may seem quieter than normal right now because Matt is in San Francisco […]

8 days in France & Spain – part 2

As we turned inland from the French Riviera the landscape changed to old farm houses and fields of grapevines and olive trees – our first taste of Provence. We stopped briefly in Aix-en-Provence which I found very charming. The whole town seemed to be roofed with sycamore/plane trees – very pretty. Lynley and I enjoyed […]

8 days in France & Spain – part 1

We got back last night from a fabulous week away in France and Spain. We visited some gorgeous places, oohing at the stunning vistas and ahhing over the charming buildings and places. I’m feeling very relaxed and content after a week of good food and wine, warm sun and no work! Part One – Côte […]

Nollaig Shona Duit

Another year is nearly at an end. It’s been a good year for us (and a busy one) with plenty of highlights and very few lowlights! We’ll be enjoying a quiet Christmas day this year, making phone calls back home, eating some good food and packing for our flight on the 26th when we’re off […]

Not There Yet!

On the way to our work Christmas party earlier in the week, I was discussing the state of public transport in Dublin with a colleague and he suggested I watch this video, made four years ago, that nicely summarises transport in Dublin. I enjoyed it, hopefully you will too: It’s now four years after that […]

What’s on our minds

In one of my opinion one of the coolest products that Google has launched since I’ve been working there is the Google App Engine, a service that allows anyone to write a web application and host it on Google’s servers. Google then looks after scaling your application and ensuring that as it becomes popular thousands […]