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More on Zurich

Last week in Zurich was nice and relaxing. I enjoyed sleeping in and spending afternoons visiting different places in the city. I visited a Museum of Design one day and the Zurich zoo on another. I wandered around the old city and browsed the shops a lot. Zurich seemed very orderly and very expensive. The […]

Our adventures in the UK

We’re relaxing at home today after an epic adventure yesterday. We went on a day trip with the Apex group (a bunch of 18-30yr olds) from our church to a theme park in Wales. The theme park (Oakwood) was pretty awesome with some great rides, including a wooden roller coaster with plenty of twists and […]

Sam and Zoe’s wedding

On Sunday I found myself basking in a sunny afternoon, watching a game of croquet being played on the lawn by men in top hats and tails. As you might guess, we were not in Dublin anymore. We were in Cambridge, England for the wedding of Sam and Zoe Jansen (Sam is a friend of […]