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Easter in Donegal

Happy Easter everyone. I hope your long weekend was well-stocked with chocolate goodies, plenty of relax time and some quiet moments to reflect on the reason behind the holiday. Matt and I spent this Easter visiting Donegal, in the north-west of Ireland. It was great to get out of the city, see some beautiful natural […]

Cruising the Caribbean

Ever since we booked our cruise holiday in January I’ve been eagerly awaiting May 29th, excited to flee the grey cold weather of Dublin and cruise the Caribbean in style with our fabulous friends Kieron, Lucy, Joey and Robbie. There was so much packed into our holiday last week that I don’t know where to […]

Easter is near

4 short days until Easter starts. We’re staying in Ireland with Daniel and Susanna coming over from London for the weekend. We’re looking forward to catching up and spending some time showing them around our adopted home city. To get into the spirit of things I whipped up a batch of hot cross buns this […]

A weekend in Tuscany

It’s been a tough Monday getting back into the swing of things after our weekend away. Truthfully I’d much prefer to have spent my Monday relaxing in a piazza in Florence, sipping wine and eating antipasto. We flew into Pisa airport late on Friday and on Saturday we spent the day in Pisa. In the […]

2 Weeks in the Big Apple

I’ve been in New York for work for the last two weeks as you should already know from Kat’s last post and happily she was able to join me for the second week. We had a great time visiting many of the typical tourist attractions together. See her previous post for the details of the […]

In which Matt becomes omelette maker

Several weeks ago Craig shared his omlette making skills. Kat came home after doing the shopping today with all the ingredients needed for an omelette so I decided that it was time to see if my omelette making skills are up to scratch. It tasted pretty good to me, and I performed the flip while […]

Wisdom of a cookie?

Hi all, I hope you have all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to 2008! We’ve both been off work since Christmas day and relaxing at home. After our various travels in November and December it’s been nice to just have some time at home. We’ve been sleeping in lots, playing board games […]

Four days in Paris – part 2

Phew! It’s the weekend at last. After getting back from Paris at midnight on Tuesday we were straight back into work on Wednesday and playing catch-up for the time we were away. Now that it’s Saturday – the chores all done and cosy inside looking out at the drizzly grey Dublin day – I have […]

Sam and Zoe’s wedding

On Sunday I found myself basking in a sunny afternoon, watching a game of croquet being played on the lawn by men in top hats and tails. As you might guess, we were not in Dublin anymore. We were in Cambridge, England for the wedding of Sam and Zoe Jansen (Sam is a friend of […]

The food in Malaysia

One of the things I enjoy when coming back to Malaysia is the food. There are lots of things that I only eat on a trip back to Malaysia and many that you just don’t get in New Zealand or most other places in the world. I enjoy things like tropical fruit, satay, red bean […]