We were in Singapore from April 13th – 15th and had a chance to look around the city, do some shopping and catch up with some cousins of mine who live there. Here are the highlights of what we did during our stay:

Singapore by night:
On our first night in Singapore we had dinner with my cousin Elian and her husband Teng Huat. We ate some great Thai food and then walked through the city to the waterfront. There are some beautiful buildings to see. Some are old and ornate and others big, new and contemporary. One particular building is fondly dubbed the ‘Durian’ by Singaporians for its round spikey shape that looks like a Durian fruit. The cityscape by night really is beautiful and was worth the long walk and the tired feet.

Excellent shopping:
On our second day in Singapore I took to the streets and the shopping malls to shop shop shop. There are something like 70 shopping malls in Singapore, plenty to keep me occupied all day. I started my morning by bargain hunting around Bugis St – a giant rabbit warren of covered stalls and little shops. In the afternoon Matt and I headed to Orchard Rd, the main shopping hub of Singapore. By the end of the day my feet were aching from walking around so many shopping malls!

Singapore Zoo Night Safari
Even though half the population of Singapore seemed to be at the Night Safari on the Saturday we were there it was still an enjoyable evening, The highlight would have to be watching the Lions pace around and hearing them roar to each other.

Eating yummy food
What can I say? There are cheap, tasty meals on offer everywhere you turn! On Sunday night before we left Singapore we had a meal with my cousins. We ate satay and prawns in an open-air food market and the food was delicious. Another favourite treat of mine that we ate here was ice kachang. Ice Kachang is a dessert with sweet red beans, corn, fruit and jelly cubes covered in a large mound of shaved ice drizzled with sweet syrups and coconut milk – it’s perfect when sitting outdoors in the hot and humid weather. mmm, yum.

Sentosa Island
We spent Sunday on Sentosa Island. We enjoyed the cable car ride there and relaxing beside the beach for a little while.

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  1. loving your commentaries, but they are giving me green eyes and itchy feet!

  2. Kat you said you shopped and shopped but didn’t tell us what you bought. Thats the exciting bit for all the ladies you know!!

  3. haha, yes Mum. Lets see… in Singapore I bought a little black knit dress with long sleeves – good for winter, a t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, two cute a-line skirts and an umbrella… I think that’s all 😛