Blue Bells in London

While in London we are staying at Blue Bells Hotel in Notting Hill. (Yes, Notting Hill like the movie with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant).

The Hotel is nestled in a row of gorgeous classic old white stone buildings. Notting Hill seems to be an area equivalent to Remuera or Ponsonby in Auckland. Trendy boutiques and antique shops, million dollar villas, and private schools where the kids wear little straw hats and blazers. It’s a cool place to stay with plenty of eating options, shops and still quite close to the center of London.

Our room at Blue Bells is old and small but serviceable. There’s only just enough room to walk around the double bed and not really any space to put suitcases. The only other negative would be that there is no lift and we are on the 2nd floor. Oh, and the window in our room is an old one that you lift upwards to open and fasten in place by wedging a plastic fork in the gap to hold it. Ha, yes… as I said it is an old building! Overall though, Blue Bells has been fine for a short stay and the free wireless internet in our room makes up for any… quirks… of the old building.

Comment from Brownie on 2007-04-20

Come on, you’re only on the second floor you cant complain about no elevator!

Staff Housing here has 4 floors and no elevators. Plus people actually live here.

Sounds like a nice place though….


Comment from Mum - Wendy on 2007-04-21

Have to agree with Brownie Kat. I would have thought it would be right up your alley ,all that walking. Fantastic to hear you have been so inspired by London though. There might be some very creative artwork selling on the Kat site once you get settled in Dublin. Can’t wait to see it. ;). The smiley face was Hannah’s contribution.