Our new home

On Friday we paid the bond on the apartment that we’re renting for the next year. It’s right in the city centre in an area called the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), where all the banks and finance companies have their headquarters.

We’ve yet to actually pay the first months rent thanks to the slowness of the transfer company we were using to get the money from New Zealand, but luckily the landlord has let us move in already as we have to move out of our Google supplied apartment tommorrow morning!

The apartment is a 30 minute walk from the Google offices or a 10 minute walk plus a 5 minute train journey if it’s raining. Kat’s commute is a little longer, a 10 minute walk, followed by a 50 minute tram ride finished off with 10 minute bus ride! I’ve made a map so you can see it all for yourself.

We move in tommorrow morning, we don’t have Internet access setup yet, so we will be offline for the next few days. In the meantime, here are some photos of our new Apartment to keep you going until our next installment…

Comment from Craig Box on 2007-05-21

Looks great. Does it have plenty of crash space for New Zealanders in August? 🙂

Comment from yacoob on 2007-05-21

Looks lovely, and it’s in the center of the town! How are the rent prices there?

Comment from matt on 2007-05-21

Craig: Of course, we can always make space for invited guests :p

Yacoob: €‎1600/month

Comment from Nordickiwi on 2007-05-28

Hi Mat, I just stumbled over your IT site whilst trying to find some help in GPG key signing after attending my first key signing party at the Swedish Linux society’s meeting on saturday. So after I read you where in europe I thought I say hi. I’m a kiwi from Hamilton, been living in Europe since 1992. I work with Open Source here in Stockholm Sweden and would one day like to work with Open Source back in NZ but not sure how thing look down there work wise. Thats all, I’m going to keep looking for an answer to my question of “how to create the return encrypted/signed email to the people who have signed my key”

Regards Roger. ( just one Linux user to another…. and a kiwi in europe…….)