Luxembourg, a teaser

Wow, over a month since we last let you know what we were up to! We’re getting slack, sorry!

Anyway, it’s 12:42am and we’ve just walked in the door after a brief weekend trip (36hrs) to Luxembourg, which seems like a very nice city. A good blend of old and new Europe. We’ve got heaps of photos, and hopefully a few interesting anecdotes, but I have to work tommorrow, so they’ll have to wait for another day.

To tide you over, try and guess what the following sign which is dotted all around central Luxembourg forbids (my first thought on seeing it was that men aren’t allowed to hold little girl’s hands, but that turned out to be wrong).

Sign from Luxembourg

Put your guesses in the comments, the winner gets…. Fame (no fortune sorry).

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  1. No walking on the road?
    No crossing over the garden?
    Stay on the footpath?

  2. Hold hands with your children before crossing the road?

  3. Actually that suggestion makes no sense…

    I’ll try ‘no children allowed’.

  4. Yes, well, i would’ve said it was that men couldn’t hold little girls’ hands too untill you said it’s wrong. i’m thinking maybe it’s about the side that the child has to be on? like, do they have to be on the right side or something?

  5. Hm…. just off the top of my head… is it… end of the footpath???

  6. I think its telling you “This is the footpath” – where all good people young and old men and girls should walk

  7. Well actually no I agree with Wendy – the sign is saying this is the end of the footpath

  8. Got an answer for this sign from Dublin? (Think Star Wars)

  9. Vehicles with more than 5 axles are prohibited between 7am and 7pm

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