Home sweet home

We’re home from Austria!

Our last few days on holiday were good. We went snowboarding on Friday and the weather turned out great for us. We had some blue sky and plenty of new snow from the days beforehand. I haven’t done much snowboarding before so spent most of my day on the beginner slopes and a good deal of it sitting on my rear in the snow! Matt was a patient but no-nonsense teacher for me during the morning and also enjoyed a few good runs down the upper slopes on the snowboard too.

On Saturday we bid goodbye to Bad Gastein and headed to Vienna via train. We arrived there in the afternoon and walked around a bit, taking in the center of the city. The next day we took a tram around the ring road to get an overview of the city sights and we stopped off in the Museum Quarter to admire the grand old buildings and to sample chocolate strawberries and roasted cashews from the Christmas market stalls. It was a cold day in Vienna with some snow and very icy air so we headed indoors after that and spent some time soaking in the Viennese culture and sipping coffee in a local cafe.

Vienna seemed like a nice city and somewhere we might enjoy more in the Spring or Summer time. The cold weather wasn’t the best for sight seeing and we were unfortunate to pick a bad hotel online for Vienna – Hotel Christall turned out to be much less lovely than we expected from the descriptions and photos online!

We made our way from Vienna back to Bratislava for our flights on Sunday evening and got home again on Sunday night. It has been 25 nights away from home for Matt so he was certainly glad to be home again yesterday and to sleep in his own bed again. Photos from our trip are up in the gallery if you want to flick through them.

Comment from Brownie on 2007-12-19

His no-nonsense teaching was probably a reflection of my no-nonsense tour guiding over here in Whistler!

“You’ve never been through trees before? You’ll be fine, LETS GO!”