A fresh look for 2008

2008 is here, I found it strange to receive new year messages and see photos of the fireworks in Sydney and Auckland before New Years Eve day had even really started for us!

We saw in the New Year with a group of friends in suburban Dublin as the city itself doesn’t do anything at all for New Years Eve which I think is a bit disappointing. Apparently they save their fireworks budget for St Patricks Day in a couple of months. Despite that we had a great time, and 4am had rolled around before we knew it. The Irish certainly aren’t known for their early nights.

With the new year comes a new design for our website, courtesy of Kat. It’s not a huge change, but I like it a lot and you’ll notice that the header takes up less space so when you’re looking through our photos in the gallery there is more chance that the whole photo will fit on your screen without having to scroll down. We hope you like it!

Best wishes for 2008.

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  1. It’s certainly very clear and clean – will test drive photos and let you know if the photo viewing is easier