In which Matt becomes omelette maker

Several weeks ago Craig shared his omlette making skills.

Kat came home after doing the shopping today with all the ingredients needed for an omelette so I decided that it was time to see if my omelette making skills are up to scratch.

It tasted pretty good to me, and I performed the flip while the egg was still quite liquid which helped to bind the ingredients together.

I’d give it about an 8/10 on the omelette scale. Click on a photo above to go to the gallery and see a few more.

My favourite omelettes contain chunks of potato, but that was too much effort for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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  1. This bodes very well indeed for your visit to my place very soon! You should have technique perfected by then. I fancy mushroom, cheese, onion and potato!!

  2. I refuse to cook with Mushroom.

    It is not a valid food.

  3. Just putting my order in for breakfast in bed when you guys arrive. Mine would need tomato as well and I like the ingredients Gill has suggested. You did a great job Matt.