Home sweet home

We’re back in NZ right now and will be here till the end of the year. It’s wonderful to be home and spend some quality time with family, see old friends and enjoy cafes and places we haven’t been in ages. We arrived into NZ on Oct 27th – nearly 3 weeks ago already and we’ve been pretty busy since then with family and friends to see, a wedding to help with and some house hunting too.

Last weekend was Andrew and Sarah’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun day with both Matt and I in the bridal party. Seeing Andy and Sarah together over the last few weeks it’s been obvious how in love and committed they are – a long and happy marriage lies ahead for those two! And as an added bonus I’m delighted to be welcoming another Mrs Brown to the family 🙂

Speaking of weddings, today is the 5th anniversary of the day Matt and I tied the knot! It’s been an amazing 5 years when I consider how much we’ve been blessed with and all the fun memories. I wonder what the next 5 years holds?… We’re heading off to the Hawkes Bay area this weekend to celebrate.

The next 5 weeks promise to be busy. We’re looking for a house to buy in Hamilton at the moment – something we can rent out with the possibility that we may live in it at some yet-to-be-determined time in the future when we return to NZ. Buying a house is a complicated business really and made more difficult because most properties seem to be going up for auction right now. It’s frustrating to be unsure of the exact sale price of a house and the high pressure of buying unconditionally at auction is a bit unnerving to me!

Also coming up soon: 1 week in Sydney (Matt working at the Google office, me checking out the city) & Christmas!!!

We’d love to catch up with everyone while we’re home but we’re fairly disorganised at contacting people and arranging our schedule so if you haven’t seen us yet and you’d like to, please flick us an email so we can arrange a catch up!

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