Casa Brown

We’ve found a new apartment and we’re loving it. Before we went to Mountain View in April we moved out of our apartment in the city where we’ve been for the last 2 years. The city had been feeling very busy, bleak and unappealing to us so we decided it was time for a move.

Our new place is in Dalkey, a small village / suburb beside the sea south of Dublin. Dalkey is home to some lovely cafes and restaurants, 2 little fishing harbours and a handful of famous names like author Maeve Binchy and “The Edge” from U2.

I feel like we’ve been incredibly blessed to find such a peaceful spot. Our apartment complex is right beside the sea with an uninterrupted view of nothing but grass and sea and sky. We can see yachts, ferries and kayaks going by and a couple of light houses blinking in the distance. BLISS.

The apartment is 2 bedrooms and quite spacious and light. As always, we have a spare room and an open invite to our friends and family to come visit on this side of the globe – we’re looking forward to having the Macs visit August 🙂

For those who can’t make it quite so far to say hello, here is a brief virtual tour of Casa Brown:

Photos on picasa:

Comment from Mark Brown on 2010-06-24

Looks very comfortable and spacious home! Well done. Must start planning for another visit….. looks like you even have access down the cliff – for early morning swim perhaps?

Comment from Gill Brown on 2010-06-25

Looks superb! How will we get you home now??

Comment from Chris Brown on 2010-06-27

Cool! Looks nice! Congrats, how long to work? Public transport or are you buying a vehicle?

Comment from matt on 2010-06-27

10 min walk + 25 min train to work, not too bad. Probably will get a car as well though for non work related travel.

Comment from Jason on 2010-07-10

Hi Kat/Matt,

The new place looks lovely – I hope life is treating you both excellently.

Drop me a line and let me know how you’re getting on.