New Arrival


The last 3 months have been an exciting time for us… On August 27th we learned that I’m pregnant! We were both delighted and a little dazed and overwhelmed (even though it was planned) about the new adventure we had stepped in to. Now, at the end of the first trimester we’re still delighted of course, a little less dazed and very pleased now to be able to share our news with everyone else.

Our new arrival is expected sometime around May 2nd next year and we’re planning to have the baby here in Dublin. Apart from continual exhaustion and occasional morning sickness (bleh!!!) pregnancy has so far been fairly uneventful. These first months have been a time of waiting more that anything else while our happy news was still a secret shared just between us. The next month should be more fun and eventful – we’ll go for our first antenatal appointment, watch my little baby bump start to grow and have our first ultrasound scan so we can see how things are cooking. Watch this space for more baby news over the coming months 🙂

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