Home with Micah

When we went in to the hospital to visit Micah on March 26th the nurses were pleased to tell us he had taken all his feeds overnight fully from the bottle (no milk via tube). They told us if he continued to take all milk feeds they could remove the tube the next day.

When we went in to the hospital the next day Micah was without his feeding tube and the nurses told us that they were happy with his progress and would plan to discharge him on the 29th (two days later). We were a little overwhelmed at the sudden progress but delighted at the prospect of having Micah home!!!


On Tuesday, at 35 weeks and 1 day, Micah came home from the hospital with us. He has settled in well to his new home here in Dalkey and we are settling in gradually to being full-time mum and dad. Our days have been filled entirely with feeding, burping and changing Micah since his homecoming. We are tired but very happy finding new delights each day in our precious little boy.

Micah has come such a long way. When he was born he was 1.5kg (3lb 5oz) and needed the incubator for warmth, CPAP to keep him breathing easily, and an IV drip to feed him. Today Micah is 2.4kg (5lb 5oz). He sleeps cozy in his moses basket here at home, breaths fine and feeds well (apart from a lot of wind haha). We’re so thankful for our Micah and how well he’s doing.

We’ll continue to update here as Micah reaches new milestones and will share our cute Micah pics on Picasa.

Comment from CB on 2011-04-09

We all love you baby Micah! Can’t wait to meet.

– Your Fav. Uncle.