Not There Yet!

On the way to our work Christmas party earlier in the week, I was discussing the state of public transport in Dublin with a colleague and he suggested I watch this video, made four years ago, that nicely summarises transport in Dublin.

I enjoyed it, hopefully you will too:

It’s now four years after that video was made, and I could only see one aspect of it that has improved in that time. The busses now accept a smart card so you don’t have to carry the exact change every day, except there are a limited number of smart card types available so you end up paying more than your usual fare if you want to use one for a short trip, and they are not rechargeable, so you have to buy a new one every week.

Dublin Transport. Not There Yet.

Despite that, I’ve been really enjoying Dublin the last few weeks, and it is not like any New Zealand city really has any sort of decent public transport either!

Comment from Brownie on 2008-12-07

Very Entertaining.

Comment from Shawn Crane on 2008-12-22

Actually I beg to differ.

Auckland has a darn decent train service…. most of the time…. the fact that it was 40 minutes late yesterday is irrelevant. It is generally on time and is quite cheap (for those people living within range of one of the few stations). Actually it is sometimes free – as the on train ticket conductors can’t get to you in the crush of people. And, you can choose to sit or stand…. when it’s not packed so full of highschoolers blaring their music from their cellphones… who ever thought putting speakers on a phone with music and giving it to a teenage was a good idea needs to ride more trains!

But actually that aside it’s great… better then sitting on the motorway to pay $12 in parking everyday!

Comment from Paul Reid on 2009-03-30

Honestly, I couldn’t stop laughing! But the very sad thing about this video is that it’s all true and I feel the same. I HATE THIS POXY COUNTRY HAHAHAHA