Nollaig Shona Duit

Another year is nearly at an end. It’s been a good year for us (and a busy one) with plenty of highlights and very few lowlights!

We’ll be enjoying a quiet Christmas day this year, making phone calls back home, eating some good food and packing for our flight on the 26th when we’re off to Scotland. We’re taking a week to see the sights and enjoy the celebrations in Edinburgh on New Years Eve. It’s going to be cold, very very cold – or so we hear from everyone we’ve mentioned the trip to! We’re hoping for a few days of fine weather – especially for the fireworks on New Years and so Matt can get in a few good photo shoots with his new tripod and the digital SLR camera.

We sent out our Christmas newsletter this week. If you haven’t received a copy already we’re sorry and it’s not intentional. Most likely we just don’t have your correct email address in our list. If  you’d like to receive (very) sporadic email updates from us then just send us an email to say ‘hi’ – then we’ll have your address and we can add you to the list 🙂

We’ll keep you posted with more news of our travels in the New Year. Sending out Christmas goodwill to everyone and hoping you all have an enjoyable and not too stressful Christmas break.

Nolliag Shona Duit (Merry Christmas) !