Scotland – Day One

Our Scotland jaunt started last night when arrived at Prestwick Airport after only a short delay from our Ryan Air flight. We picked up our hire car and made it into Glasgow for the night without incident. Our hotel room for the night (Ibis) was serviceable (and a carbon-copy of the room layout of the Ibis hotel in Bratislava!) if not particularly cozy and we were glad to get on the road in the morning.

We picked up a pay-as-you-go 3G internet pack in Glasgow so that we could use Google Maps and some navigation applications in conjunction with the GPS on the new Android phone that Matt got for Christmas from Google. While Kat battled with the 3G modem Matt took a wrong turn and ended up driving for 30 minutes in completely the wrong direction! Eventually we managed to get both the 3G and our bearings sorted out and got out of the Glasgow area (in the right direction this time) just before lunch. Having the GPS and Google Maps as we drove along was very interesting and useful, although the Internet eventually cut out as we got into the really nice scenery leaving us with just the GPS.

The landscape was beautiful, lots of lochs, grand mountain scenes and plenty of frost on the ground. We were glad for our hats and gloves! We had come prepared and managed to find and log 2 out of the 2 geocaches that we attempted along the way. By 3:30 it was starting to get dark and we were only just half way to Inverness. We captured some beautiful sunset photos looking west across Loch Linnhe around 4pm and then drove the rest of the way to Inverness (alongside Loch Ness) in the dark and gloomy fog. No sign of Nessie!

Stay tuned for more news tommorrow (maybe, depending on time and internet access :p)!